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The Active rollator concept was conceived in Norway by an Access-team dedicated to design and safety.


A rollator should be a trusted companion and one you can be proud to be seen with. Our stylish and innovative scandinavian design gives you both.


Here you will be able to find out what you need to know about the Active rollators and also more about when, why and how to choose the right rollator for you.


In our Stay Active section we collect information and research on rollators, their health benefits and other information we think you might find useful.
You can easily check where to buy your Active rollator where you are. If you can’t find a retailer near you, please get in touch with us – we may still be able to help.


We love to hear from you – your experiences and feedback on our rollators and our service. We are a small company with a dedicated team and we will always get back to you.


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Thank you for considering the  Active rollators for your needs!
We look forward to showing you what our Active rollators can do!
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I use my Active in my home and as a perching stool in the bathroom or in the kitchen when helping my good lady. It is fabulous in the garden when I lower the seat.

I also used it in the hospital after major surgery and my surgeon was so impressed with it he took a photograph and immediately purchased one for his disabled mother.

I find it so stable and flexible with the comfort hand grips adding to the joy of using it.

Mr ConnorLiverpool, UK
I can't tell you how much I appreciate your product! It has made a huge impact on my father's quality of life. The Active four wheeled walker does not look like an ``old person's`` walker`` like a lot of other models do.

I love it being a product suitable for people with mobility problems, regardless of age. And the ``cool`` factor is definitely apparent in the rollator. When I took my father to the dentist the other day, a young woman (maybe 25 years old) with multiple sclerosis was in the waiting room and asked to try it out. When I told her that she could customize it with different color seat covers (she wanted pink), she said she was going to jump on the internet and buy herself one. So, it seems like a big hit here in our area!

A Banas - US
Active Walker Rollator cyan colour on white background

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