The Active Walker - in more detail
I ordered the Active Rollator prior to having bilateral knee replacement surgery. It has been a wonderful tool in my recovery.
Williams, USA
My Father wants me to thank you so much for what the Active Walker has done for him, he feels its has helped him 200%. He has gone from being house bound to being able to get out amongst the every day people and for that he is truly thankful.
Maureen, Australia

Weights and measures

Kg/cm Inches/lbs
Type Active Walker Active Walker
Dimensions 60 x 72 x 78-100cm 24x28x30-39 in
Folded dimensions 60 x 46 x 85cm 24x18x33 in
Weight 9 19.8lbs
User weight 125kg 275 lbs
Front wheel size 25cm 10 in
Back wheel size 20cm 8 in
Seat height 50-63cm 20-25 in

Active Walker_brakearm closeup_web_900x900Reliable snag-free brakes and cables

The brake wires on the Active Walker are hidden inside the frame to keep from catching items as you walk by. The rollator brake wires are maintenance free, and you have the option to adjust the brakes. A simple and strong steel bar acts as the brake against the wheels.

Active Walker_model lifting basket_web_900x900Safe storage in the Active Walker basket

We have placed the rollator shopping basket under the seat, to help keep your belongings safe. The handy, removable basket has a 14 liter / 5kg capacity, with enough room for your handbag, newspaper, shopping and more.

Active Walker_model adjusting seat height_web_900x900Adjustable seat height

Because we are all different, we have designed a seat that you can easily adjust up or down to make it as comfortable and ergonomically correct as possible. The seat can be moved in to one of four positions to suit you and the situtation. It only takes a few seconds to move the seat intot he desired position using the handle at the front of the rollator.

Active Walker_model using folding_web_900x900Folding the Active Walker

You can easily fold the Active using only one hand. A single easy lever folds and locks the rollator into its convenient parking position. The rollator stands up whilst folded so you can easily park it up when not in use.

Active Walker_reflective sticker and handle_web_900x900Visible and safe with the Active Walker

Safety is always a concern, and something we take very seriously. The Active Walker sport built-in red reflectors in the handles and reflective tape on the frame both at the front and the back to give allround visibility when you need it.

Active Walker_big front wheels_web_900x900Large wheels

Why stop walking when the terrain gets rough? Large 25cm (10 inch) diameter front wheels let the Active Walker roll over uneven terrain, sidewalk cracks, and door thresholds that make other rollators stop in their tracks.

The Active travels just as well over gravel paths as it does smooth tile floors. Perfect for outdoors and most terrains, keeping the you stable and safe.

Active Walker_model using kerb climber_web_900x900Kerb climber, help over obstacles

We recommend you use our  built-in, kerb climber. This saves you lifting the rollator over obstacles such as thresholds and kerbs. Just step down on the kerb climber and with a gentle pull back on the handles, the Active Walker will raise its front wheels to easily maneuver over obstacles.

Active Walker_model using handle height_web_900x900Easily adjustable rollator handles

You can adjust the handles on the Active Walker in seven levels from 79cm (31″) and 100cm (40″). The levels are marked with numbers to ensure you have the same setting on both sides. The rollator handles are easily adjusted up or down using the pull-out lever marked in red at the bottom of the handle.

Active Walker_model walking on bridge_web_900x900Room to move

Due to the ergonomic design of the rollator, you have plenty of room for long, upright strides inside the rollator. This encourages you to keep your back straight. There is also plenty of room between the back wheels which stops you accidentally knocking your ankle against the inside.

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