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Sandy, Ontario, Canada

First time buying needed assistance, I'm forty eight yrs old , with orthostatic tremors rare disease.
I can walk can not stand. Thank you for designing a chair, shopping helper I can use and not feel like I'm missing out. I ordered my rollator today. I like the word active on it.
Looking forward to the assistance of this product, and getting out on my own. It's spring thank looking device in the shop : )

Dr Marican, Malaysia

Thank you for this fabulous product. Bought it today for my mum & the joy in her face as she began using it. "Being independent once again is an amazing experience" ..she said.
Thank you again..the Active Rollator is her new best friend :)

Dr Menchel, New York

It is one of the best ones we have ever had and there are none that compare to this.

Arthur, Illinois, US

I love the walker, so do the people in the PT clinic I go to.  It is the best.

K. Fernandez, US

The Access Active is so simple to operate and my husband (diagnosed with MS 40+ years ago) loves the design and easy operation. Time will tell, but it is likely to be his favorite.

Stevo, US

Mother-in-law loves hers
Got this model for MIL about two years ago and she still raves about it. Uses it daily to get around her assisted living grounds. Seems to be well made (much like her - she's 92)
Pros: big wheels go over kerbs/carpet easily, good brakes (easy to hold & lock in place), adjustable seat height (she takes a rest half way), big basket.
Cons: expensive (but worth it)