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Alan, USA

Thank you! I received the Rollator yesterday.

I really like the redesign on the hand grips!! Now being able to support for the hand (rather gripping -- holding the had grips tightly) is so much more comfortable, and will be very helpful for those who difficulty "holding" onto something (for example, a person whose hands have been disfigured by cerebral palsy).

Your Access-Active Rollator is truly an award-winning design. Please express my thankfulness to your team for their thoughtful design and functional, enabling engineering.

Mr Sauber, Zurich

For the past one hand a half years, I have owned your Active Walker and I am generally very happy with it. The device is very lightweight and robust. This is very important to me because I am mainly on unpaved and uneven forest tracks and on the go. Furthermore, I am always glad that I bring my own seat with me when on crowded transport.

Seit anderthalb Jahren besitze ich jetzt Ihren Active Walker und bin allgemein sehr zufrieden damit. Das Gerät ist sehr leicht und trotzdem robust. Das ist mir sehr wichtig, da ich damit vorwiegend auf unbefestigten und unebenen Waldwegen unterwegs bin. Ferner bin ich immer wieder froh darüber, in überfüllten Verkehrsmitteln meinen eigenen Sitzplatz dabeizuhaben.

Sandy, Ontario, Canada

First time buying needed assistance, I'm forty eight yrs old , with orthostatic tremors rare disease.
I can walk can not stand. Thank you for designing a chair, shopping helper I can use and not feel like I'm missing out. I ordered my rollator today. I like the word active on it.
Looking forward to the assistance of this product, and getting out on my own. It's spring thank looking device in the shop : )

Dr Marican, Malaysia

Thank you for this fabulous product. Bought it today for my mum & the joy in her face as she began using it. "Being independent once again is an amazing experience" ..she said.
Thank you again..the Active Rollator is her new best friend :)

Dr Menchel, New York

It is one of the best ones we have ever had and there are none that compare to this.

Arthur, Illinois, US

I love the walker, so do the people in the PT clinic I go to.  It is the best.

K. Fernandez, US

The Access Active is so simple to operate and my husband (diagnosed with MS 40+ years ago) loves the design and easy operation. Time will tell, but it is likely to be his favorite.

Stevo, US

Mother-in-law loves hers
Got this model for MIL about two years ago and she still raves about it. Uses it daily to get around her assisted living grounds. Seems to be well made (much like her - she's 92)
Pros: big wheels go over kerbs/carpet easily, good brakes (easy to hold & lock in place), adjustable seat height (she takes a rest half way), big basket.
Cons: expensive (but worth it)

Mary, UK

I wish you would design removable wheels for use in beach sand, something a little wider, or maybe inflatable. Otherwise, a wonderful walker. I give your web address to everyone who comments on your great walker. Thanks.

Thomas, Germany

I like to thank you very much for your unbureaucratic help concerning the Access Rollator. I am very pleased with the new model and it runs as smooth as a BMW!

Jackie, UK

I do go on very rough grounds and cobbled walk ways at times. Think I put your product to the test, with the places I to go with my husband and grandchildren .I do live life to the full!!!!!!!!!!! thanks to my rollator.

I have found some lovely ways of adding touches,adding my personality to my rollator. Its fun too, as I recieve some nice comments.
Very best wishes Jackie

Alan, US

A month ago, I took my walker to a local disability store, they had never seen a walker like mine ... they were very impressed by its design and functionality/stability ...

I'm also in a 4-year research study at the National Institutes of Health. Everyone there who has seen my walker is stunned by its design and functionality! The comments/reactions by doctors, nurses, MRI technicians [to name a few] would make great advertisements!

Rheba, Seattle

I have had four walkers and this, hands down is the VERY best. Effortless folding, glides over rough terrain, looks less clinical, safer without projecting pieces and an absolute joy to use. Thanks so much for a beautifully engineered walking aide. I live in a retirement community and many have admired it and tried it out. You have a marvelous product! I truly love it!

Margie (USA)

The following comment was made about the Active walker on Amazon: This walker is very stable, gets around the house well, and handled gravel, pebbles and muddy areas in the yard ok too. The kerb step-up function works well and is useful. Has a seat and a basket. Easy to fold flat using one-finger lever, smooth operation. The physical therapist recommended that the handle height should be approx level to hip bone for best comfort for me.

Absolutely the best walker

This says a very satisfied customer from Atlanta, USA, who got the Active rollator onAmazonI purchased this walker a while ago, when they first became available in the US. I am enormously happy with this purchase. It is stable on all terrains and easy to operate. I have severely compromised balance and this allows me to move around in the school I work in without fear of being knocked over. When I am in my classroom, it is next to my desk and students, visitors, and parents are drawn to it, and often ask if they can sit on it. I also take it and use it as a seat when I am photographing baseball and when I go outside to walk my dogs. The seat and handles are very easily adjustable. It is a vast improvement over standard rollators with exposed cables which haven't had a design change in years. I also own a 4-wheel rollato (with a seat that is several inches too high--it was provided by my insurance) and a 3-wheel rollator, neither of which I use often. When I leave home, the Active Roller is exclusively the one I take with me in the car. Note: It closes very easily, but does not fold flat and is a little heavier than other rollators. A padded seat would be a nice upgrade. The basket is large, and just sits on the frame, but I added velcro strips to mine to insure it stays in place. I would not hesitate to buy another one. This is a greatly improved, stable and stylish walker that addresses the user's needs safely without looking too clinical. The large front tires are an incredible enhancement. If you can't afford one, it is worth saving for, rather than settling for what your insurance will pay for. I give it 5 stars. It will only enhance your life if you have mobility issues that require you to use a walker. The following comment was added by the Access- team: Cushion sets are now available in 7 different colors.

A. Banas, US

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your product! It has made a huge impact on my father's quality of life. The Active four wheeled walker does not look like an "old person's" walker" like a lot of other models do. I love it being a product suitable for people with mobility problems, regardless of age. And the "cool" factor is definitely apparent in the rollator. When I took my father to the dentist the other day, a young woman (maybe 25 years old) with multiple sclerosis was in the waiting room and asked to try it out. When I told her that she could customize it with different color seat covers (she wanted pink), she said she was going to jump on the internet and buy herself one. So, it seems like a big hit here in our area! 

Joy of Freedom (Amazon, US)

This feedback was given to us by a happy customer who bought his Active walker rollator onAmazonWe recently purchased an Access Active Rollator. It is one of the best purchases we have made. My wife was invalided due to an ATV accident and has largely been wheel chair bound for over a year. She has tried to use several other walkers but we live in the country and none of them allowed much mobility. One caught in the 3/4 minus rock outside our house and dumped my wife onto the ground. The larger wheels on the Rollator now make it possible for her to get around without fear of falling. It is also extremely easy to adjust and fold for loading in our car. We both really like the product. It appears sturdy and well made.

AWESOME Rollator!! (Amazon, US)

The following feedback was given by a customer who bought his Active walker on AmazonI give this a VERY HAPPY 4 stars!! The ONLY reason I didn't give it 5 was because the back wheels aren't free floating like the front, but they do have a reason for that in the way it stores, so it isn't a huge problem to me!! 
I do LOVE this Rollator!!! LOVE the big front wheels!! It is SOoooooooooooooo nice and rolls so easily!! And QUIET!! LOVE how quiet it is! I was sick of everybody knowing I was coming & going due to the squeeks and noices from my last one!! LOVE the way everything on it moves & adjusts quickly so it fits ME perfectly!! The handles move up and down and the adjustors are METAL!! So they won't break as easy as others!! The seat moves up and down as needed or can be removed!! (Again, metal) VERY well put together and even has reflectors for safety!! 
Like my husband says, it makes me look like I am doing physical therapy, NOT walking with a walker!! (and this is GREAT) I walk more upright!! ALWAYS a plus when ones back is a mess like mine! I don't feel that stress and strain on my lower back like I had with other walkers/rollators!! AWESOME!! And the handles are RIGHT under me so it isn't such a stress on my arms and wrists!! It supports you more fully and AIDS in walking!! Not makes it harder like some!! I feel like it is helping me be the best I can be!! 
I highly recomend this to anyone who wants to be more mobile!! It is GREAT!!

Jackie, UK

Thanks to the Access Team; it is more than just a product your company makes! The Active rollator has enabled me to have a real life again! I think I had started taking the machine for granted. Bit cross with my self about that, as I wanted to remember not to take things for granted like the way I went through life before my disability, being so caught up in life, that important things, like just being able to walk normally was wonderful. After being without it for a while, my lovely sleek elegant rollator arrived this afternoon. No more cables snagging on things in stores, on my gate, door handles, etc. No more having the heavy, wide, clumsy thing I've been using, which stops dead on uneven ground, hurting my back. I have been for a very short walk to the shop this evening, with my new work horse (rollator). It was wonderful to walk without that awful struggle, the Active rollator just glided over the very same uneven pavements, at the same time the front wheels swivelling from side to side, to accommodate my very bad limp. I praise your rollator and company to people! Thanks again!

Sylvia, UK

The Active access walker has completely transformed my life! I can shop and sit when I get tired,it keeps me stable and makes me feel safe, as a multiple sclerosis sufferer, it is the best mobility aid I have ever purchased, and it looks very stylish too, well done!

Chas from USA

With my Active Walker, walking is a joy again! Multiple sclerosis was isolating me. Now I can keep pace with others; I can go for long walks including "off-road"; I no longer have to plan ahead for places to rest; I often choose not to use handicapped parking, which is a joy to my family, and frees up the parking for those who need it more. I can immediately adjust handle height to my level of fatigue (per therapist instructions). It is fabulous for shopping. It stows quickly & easily, is exceptionally well built, and it looks good. I am free! Thank you so much for the marvelous Active Walker!

Jackie, UK

I had a fantastic walk with my husband yesterday,before, I could only go on the gravel paths, I really wanted to see where a particular track went to,was able to go onto the dirt track,got to the top,most beautiful view!!!! Every time I manage to do off roading, I thank you all for helping me have a normal life back.I hope you all realise the extent you impact peoples lives,it's not just a product. Thank you all.


The Active Walker is the "Rolls Royce" of the rollators / walkers. 
Extremely happy

Karran M.

I recently purchased this walker and just love it as I am very short and this was perfect !! I do not know how to attach the backrest, I've tried every screw hole I could find. Can you send a picture showing where to attach the backrest?? My thanks for a great product !! So many manufactures think only of average height people, but you have gone the extra mile. You belong in the category of the auto electric driving seats, with out that I would never be able to see over the hood of a car !! Again, many thanks !

Carol - Ohio, USA

Thanks so much for the information--the lower seat adjustment with more average handle height is exactly what I need, and I've ordered an Active from the 1-800 Wheelchairs web site. Now I'm trying to wait patiently for my new set of wheels! I can't wait to try it out, especially outdoors off the pavement,and show it off to my friends similarly dealing with multiple sclerosis. It's so exciting, and encouraging, to have found a mobility aid that's truly new, not just a slight improvement on the same old stuff. Bless your organization for being to willing to step outside the box!

Adolph Hendrickson

The walker came a couple of days ago. I appreciate the quick service. What a handsome walker with a clean, sturdy and manly design! It folds so easily when I have to catch a cab. I can now move much faster and get the exercise I need for my legs. I call it my "BMW".

A. Hooft

We have bought the active walker and we are verry happy with it. A fantastic product. THANK YOU!

Britt Rudolfsen (85), Furnes, Norway

I have to keep walking every day in order to keep my back from aching. I use my Active to walk on a 2.6 kilometer path six times a day, every day no matter if there is snow or freezing weather. That's over 15 km a day walking, and it keeps me fit and flexible, it is the best medicine a person can have. The big wheels are really a success. The rollator is sturdy and easy to turn, too. If it wasn't for my daily exercise, I would have sat passively in a chair with back pains. Thanks, Active.

Ridderkerk - Netherlands

Since 16 October 2006 I have been in the possession of "the ANWB rollator" the Active and it is very to my pleasure. I had got a rollator from my insurer firstly, but to tell you the truth it is simply a bad rollator. Much too heavy, 13 kilogrammes - bad manouvrability in short I was not happy. My man saw your rollator and bought one. I use it with a lot of pleasure every day and also whereever I come there is immediately interest for the rollator. Just because the brake cables are within the frame and that is realy very fine, did you know that some people are refused in shops because of those brake cables outside the frame, because they get behind articles/products such as cups, vases etc and damage or brake them etc. Once again I am very very satisfied about the rollator and I in fact want to very warmly thank the inventor very much. Cordial greeting

Maureen, Australia

My Father wants me to thank you so much for what the Active Walker has done for him, he feels its has helped him 200%. He has gone from being house bound to being able to get out amongst the every day people and for that he is truly thankful. He also thanks for the kind gift of the carry bag which he will use when he goes shopping. Thank you once again

Ms. HD Dessaur (59), The Netherlands

Thank you very much for the design of the Active rollator . I am so happy with this rollator. In October 2004 I fell over my old rollator and broke my arm. The fall occured when my previous rollator could not keep me standing on an uneven pavement ----- but after about a year later with the Active rollator, in the same situation, did keep me standing ! Since I bought the Active rollator I get positive remarks from people everywhere I am (in my city, in Paris, in the rehabilitation center, in hospitals etc) and gladly I am the ""happy PR ambassadeur" of my rollator

Williams - US

I ordered the Active Rollator prior to having bilateral knee replacement surgery. It has been a wonderful tool in my recovery.

Zaaijer - Netherlands

This is a great rollator with real good features

Dessaur - Netherlands

Twice I visited Israel (2007+2008) with my wonderful active rollator (4 years old) and nobody had seen such a device before. People stopped in the street and asked me about it. Many now want to buy such a rollator for themselves or their relatives

Nijmegen - Netherlands

For my mother I bought your Active walker at the ANWB in Holland. From the first day I saw the difference between the Activewalker and the walkers you can borrow from Home-care. In one word: 'awfull things', too heavy, too small wheels [and my mother likes walking in the garden so much but it was impossible to walk there with the small wheels], etc. Now my dad needs one; and so how it looks like now I still cannot get a walker like yours at the assurance compagny. You only can declare those heavy walkers with small wheels. My next walk will be to ANWB for the Active walker! In one word: PERFECT!

Norman, UK

As a 90 year old, a little unstable on my legs I find this lightweight walker a joy to use. I was a Qualified mechanical test Inspector during my working life, and I do not use this praise lightly

Kunz - US

My new Active Rollator is fabulous - by far better than the 3 I previously owned

Chas, US

My Physical Therapist was impressed with the information in the printouts I showed her. She loved the hidden brake cables; she liked the user-height range, adjustable seat, tire size, curb climbing, roll-resistor option, ski option, caster-lock option, and the removability of the basket.

Sylvia, UK

The Active access walker has completely transformed my life! I can shop and sit when I get tired,it keeps me stable and makes me feel safe, as a multiple sclerosis sufferer, it is the best mobility aid I have ever purchased, and it looks very stylish too, well done!

Chas, USA

With my Active Walker, walking is a joy again! Multiple sclerosis was isolating me. Now I can keep pace with others; I can go for long walks including "off-road"; I no longer have to plan ahead for places to rest; I often choose not to use handicapped parking, which is a joy to my family, and frees up the parking for those who need it more. I can immediately adjust handle height to my level of fatigue (per therapist instructions). It is fabulous for shopping. It stows quickly & easily, is exceptionally well built, and it looks good. 

I am free! 

Thank you so much for the marvelous Active Walker!

Marylou, NZ

I asked my husband what he was getting me for Christmas and he told me I wouldn't guess as it was stored at my daughter's place. After some prodding, I said (with a "look"),"It's not a walker is it?" "Now why would you think that?" he said. "Tell me you haven't got one, please" Well, I have a walker, an Access "Active" walker. I have a problem with spinal stenosis and as I walk, I seem to bend further forward also standing for a time is a real pain, literally! Supermarkets are no problem as a trolley is used, same with going to other places with trolleys. Short shopping visits are no problem. We went to the Masters Games in Wanganui recently (husband competes in Road Walks) something I don't look forward to with all the waiting around and long walks from a car park. This year it was a breeze! I could sit waiting for the competitors to come, take my husband's change of clothes bag, bottles of water and a book!. My walker has a name "Daisy" and for the first time I will be entering in the Survivor's Lap at the Cancer Society's Relay for Life tomorrow. I don't have back pain when I use it, whereas before I would be gasping to sit down. It's a blessing!