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Ferrero Officina Ortopedica

Ferrero Officina Ortopedica was established in 1987, and since then they have been selling products designed to aid the physical well-being and mobility of the Italian people. Their objective is to meet the needs of their clients, making assistive and technical devices accessible, so people can remain self-reliant and active.

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Officina Ferrero Ortopedica
Tel: +39 011 22 77 411


Nel 2004 abbiamo creato Ausilium, un portale dedicato al mondo degli anziani.

Acquisto del Rollator Deluxe ‘Active’ pieghevole dal design futuristico qui.

Sede operativa: Viale Risorgimento, 16 – 10092 Beinasco (TO) Italy
Tel. 011 196 20 906