Skis for your rollator

September 17, 2015

We believe that you should be able to enjoy the outside in the winter as well which can be a challenge. This is why we developed the skis for the Active Walker. The skis float on top of the snow and does not sink into it. They are easy to snap on without any tools. The wheels poke trough a slot in the skis allowing you to roll normally on dry surfaces.



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    Interested are these available in canada
    How much are these

    • Cai Wu

      Dear Brenda

      Thank you for contacting Access Vital.
      Unfortunately we do not have distributor in Canada yet, I would suggest you to contact our distributor in the states,

      They will be happy to assist you!

      I wish you a great day!

      Logistikk og innkjøpsansvarlig Rullator

      Access Vital AS
      Telefon : +47 405 66 336

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